How To Convert/Change Facebook Profile To Page

Here How To Convert/Change Facebook Profile To Page solution only for you. Facebook is worldwide the most popular Social media website.  Here anyone can create the account and connect with people around the world. Facebook releases 2004 so after a long time they provide a lot of update features but now they provide some of the different type features. With these features, you can build up relationships with all of the Facebook users. Here you can get a lot of groups, Pages, and events. You can also join this group and like these pages. You can also earn by using this Facebook right now. A worldwide lot of Facebook users earn by using these options. But it’s too difficult for all users so here we provide you some of the special solutions which can give you the best solution.

You can do this on your Facebook profile but the most important fact that Facebook profile has some of the rules like you can add only 5000 people they are all only can follow you. So the best solution is the Facebook page. Now this time facebook provides easily facebook profiles convert to the Facebook page. You can add unlimited people to your Facebook page so we provide you How To Convert/Change Facebook Profile To Page. So let’s read this article carefully.

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page.

  • Just log in to your account which you want to convert into the page. Now change the name of the account to the desired name. The page will have become the name that you used on the account.
  • Here you need to proceed with migration form. Which will convert the profile to the page? Now You can search it on the Facebook help center. also, you can directly access from below button.

visit here

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  • In the help center, everything about migration is explained and understanding you can proceed with migration through the link provided there. If you are not able to find them,

Visit here

  • Here click on Get Started to proceed with migration from profile to the page.
  • Now select your page category like business, brand, or community etc. After selecting the category they get required your password as you want to convert or not.

Sometimes it shows an error when you want to log in so don’t worry it’s not any big problem. Sometimes it takes 24-48 hours so just wait and solve your problem right now.

When complete conversion then you can use this page and you can also enjoy your page existing account of also you can make your other account by email adding to the admin panel.

Conclusion: Finally in this post, we try to discuss for you How To Convert/Change Facebook Profile To Page. you can get here the full solution to this problem. if you face any kind of another problem so don’t late and comment on this post. we try to provide Facebook Profile To Page and all kinds of the Facebook best solution for you.

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