Document 6 Youtube Downloader Review & Feature

Document 6 is a very important browser for iPhone and iPad. Basically, it’s very hard to open files on iPhone/iPad because there is no built-in application for opening zip files, word processing document or image for editing. There is a lot of application on web store but the maximum application is including spam. They cannot work properly but waste a lot of time. That’s why document 6 is very essential. It is a very easy operating system and helpful app. You are allowed to open any type of file from your any application on your device. If you first installed it, you will be seen a collection of samples. It will be open any common file type from zip folders to word document or excel spreadsheets very quickly and it looks very attractive.

Document 6 Youtube Downloader Review & Feature

On this app, editing is limited for simple formats like a text document, but there is no limited option for composition, it’s very easy and can be stored into your Dropbox or I cloud account. It working process is very well designed, breaking down your documents into I cloud files, network files on Dropbox, or other cloud services, and there’s also a web browser for downloading Zip or PDEFs.  If you are interested in an app that will open zips you carry around for work and also open all the attachments you receive via email. Then document 6 is the perfect solution and its free 100 percent. Document 6 help us out with any IT issue in the office and it provides us with efficient and economical printers and scanners and from time to time.

How to install document 6

It very simple to install. Download it from the app store, then installed. When installing complete open the app and click on the browser icon, which as like an as small compass.

How to use document 6

First, you have to open in document 6. Now you are going to use a website name and the application document 6. Then you are allowed to download a YouTube video then transfer it to photos. When a video is in photos then it’s very easy to view and share further. You have to type “” into the address bar at the top then you will open the website. Now you have to need to collect correct URL for the video you want to save.

When you found the video open in Safari (or another iPhone or iPad browser) you just need to hold down your finger on the top URL address and then copy. When you are viewing it in the YouTube app, you have to hit the share icon and select copy link. Then re-enter document 6, after re-enter paste the URL into the white rectangular box at the top of When you added the URL successfully you will see a thumbnail of the video, Some quality option and there will be a big green “DOWNLOAD” button. Then you can hit and you are happy that everything is right.

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