Google Chrome for Android/iPhone/Windows free download

Hi friends today I’m going to discuss here the Google chrome. Now that time about all of the android, iPhone, windows users use the google chrome more or less. Even every man knew the word Google chrome. But some of the people still don’t’ know what is google chrome and how to use it. And what’s the benefit of using chrome? Well, by this article we will know all everything about this chrome. So keep reading to get a clear concept about it and to download the latest version of the google chrome app.

What is Google chrome?

Google chrome is a free internet browser for all of the device including android, iPhone, windows. First, it was released in 2008 for Microsoft. After some time, it has been available android and iPhone. It allows us to open and run a web browser (world wide web).

It’s one kind of free web operating system. You can browse all of the web and anything by google chrome including Google, YouTube. As well as there are so many interesting features like tabbed browsing, automatic translation, web page spell cheek or many more. It is a faster internet browser batter than any other browser.

Google Chrome free download

How to use Google Chrome?

This is an easy and simple web browser for all of the devices. It uses too easy. If you want to use it of your android device just install it. This app just like another app. As the app is free, you can use it without any cost anytime, anywhere. Just you need to open it, then browse anything and go anywhere. It is a very first browser, it will save your time and extra data. As well as you can add your Gmail account on the google chrome to do all everything and get all notification. You can add here lots of different sites. Also available for you Google Chrome app Update offline installer for Mac, Windows & Android

Google Chrome Features

There are so many amazing features available in the google chrome apk. Here we are giving some of the interesting features, for those reasons it has been the best browser.

  • It will provide you first browsing speed
  • The chrome free for all of the device
  • Support all of the device android, Microsoft, IOS, mac, etc.
  • Available google translator.
  • Also, voice search features available.
  • Manage your tab.
  • Works on all networks including 2G.  
  • First download file view video and photo.
  • Protect your device by google safe browsers.
  • Save extra data and time.
  • Safe for your device.
  • Smart personalized recommendations.
  • Now available dark more, available on the updated device.
  • Create Bookmarks, History, Recent Tabs and Reading List.
  • Now you can Add directly a new credit card in Chrome from the settings page.
  • Supported 47 languages.

Chrome Android requirement and file information:

google chrome web browser app is available on android device. The most impressive thing is that the app available on all of the android devices. As an Android user, you can use this Android app on all android version phones or tablets. Doesn’t matter what android version’s phone do you use. The Chrome browser is available on old and latest versions of the phone. so never worry about the android version.

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chrome for ISO/ iPhone

google chrome is such a browser that available on all of the devices including Apple devices. Lots of apple users are using the app for their device. So as an iPhone user if you use another browser for your iPhone, you can try it. The app chrome app is available on the app store. you can download it from the app store. If you are using the app on your iPhone/ iPad, you can get the update version app for your device. This is a great and very fester web browser for the iPhone/ iPad.

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chrome for windows

know that the Google chrome app first made for Microsoft windows. And right now it’s available on all of the devices. Every window has a chrome browser. This Chrome browser is one of the best and popular web browser for windows/ pc/ desktop. There are so many web browsers available for windows like UC browser, opera mini mothers, among them this chrome is batter and super fester. If you didn’t use it before, start using it from now.

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to download the app on your android device? 

google chrome apk is found in every smartphone. if didn’t have the app on your phone, you need to download it. you can download the app from google play store. follow a simple step to download

  • Open the google play store
  • Click on search bar type “google chrome“, then search 
  • After finding the app just download.
  • If you already have downloaded the app, you can update it.

Voice search:

Now you can search for anything by voice search. This is an interesting feature. it’s supported 47 languages. So you can voice search in your language.

Dark mode:

The dark mode is a brand new feature in Google chrome. you can use the new dark mode feature on your device. But if you want to use the app, you need the latest version of the device. Otherwise, you may not be able to use the brand new dark mode features.

Protect the device by google safe browsing:

There is a safe browsing feature available on this app. The features will save your device from dangerous files and websites.

Conclusion: Google helps us provide so many facilities. Google chrome is one of them. This is a web Brower that will help you to browse any website. Here we have tried to provide all of the information about this chrome. If you have any questions about it, let me know. Thanks for wasting your valuable time before the article.

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