Google Drive Download for Smartphone, windows, PC & iPhone

About all of the people have some idea about google. Google gives us service with some app. Google drive such an app that can help you some way. Now we will about google drive. Most of the people don’t know what is google drive. Mainly google drive is a free storage service. You can keep your personal file, video, audio, picture, etc. You can use it your android phone, iPhone, iPad, including windows. If you want to use this drive, you just need a Gmail account. Such a free user you can use storage up to 15 Gb. If you want to use more than 15 GB, you need money per 25 GB $2.5 you can use up to 1TG.

It works an own personal and safety file. Google drive will save your file. If you use this drive, you will get extra storage. You will be able to use it anywhere, anytime with an internet connection or without an internet connection.

Free Google Drive Download for All Device

What is google drive: Most of the people don’t know what is google drive. So it’s is a very important thing what is google drive. Now we will know what is google derive. Come to point. You can use Drive free or by money. Google has personal file storage like others drive. You keep your personal file, video, picture, audio on drive and share others. If you have an email account, you can use it. It has some facility. All free user gat 15GB storage.

How to use google drive:  we already know what is google drive. But we don’t know how to use this drive. If you read the part of the article, you will clear how to use this app. So let’s start.

First, you need an email account. If you don’t have this app. First, you download this drive app from play store or others site. Then log in app. After login, you will get a new option. Click new opposition to make a new folder. When you get new folder options to click on and wright folder name then clicks create opposition.  You will see have a new folder on your drive. Open file gate file upload opposition you can keep there your file, video, audio, picture from file location. Select anything and click open windows option. If you want, you can have deleted file anytime.


Filename: google drive

Created by:

Type of service: file hosting service.

Launched: on 24 April 2012.

Registration: must

Here Google provide direct download system on their official website: Download Drive

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How to download google drive app:  google drive app download very easy. You can download the app in many ways. The easiest way from google play store. The app is available on google play store, 9 app, or others site. You can download any plat from. If you are an android user, you can download from google play store very easily.

Most important features: This app has many features. Now we will know about some most important features of drive.

Save picture and file easily: You can save picture beside you can put word file and pdf file on this app.

Backup system: if you want to back up your important file, you can use back up option on drive. That’s why you will go to your phone back up option and select a file what you want to back up.

Have a scarce quire: have a scarce quire to scarce anything. The scarce option to help you get your data easily.

Create a new folder and file: you know that you can create a new file and folder if you want. Do you need a new file or folder? Don’t worry, this option available to create a new file or folder.

Use it online or offline: this is the most important thing to use offline. Yes, you can use this drive offline anytime, anywhere. Some of the time we don’t have an internet connection. This time if need any file or information. We can use this app if have a file on google driva. It’s a big opportunity for the user.

Google drive for windows, pc, desktop: do you use this drive on pc, desktop or windows? Yes, this app available in pc, desktop. Are your windows or pc user?  Don’t worry The drive’s such an app that can use all of the devices like Android, iPhone, windows, pc, etc. So it’s not difficult to use on pc. You will be able to use this app on pc, windows, desktop anytime, anywhere. Windows any version supported this app include windows 7, 8, 9, 10.

Can you use google drive on iPhone or iPad? Yes, if you be an iPhone user, you can use this app on your iPhone. Some of the people use apple brand phone. Some of the apps don’t support on iPhone. It’s a big problem but this app supported the iPhone or iPad. You are able to use google drives app on iPhone or iPad like an android. You will have the same storage of 15 GB. This using system as an android.

As the google drives app can use all device, that’s why this user increases day by day. After some years the app will be a popular app in the world. Even it uses to easy just need a Gmail account. If you have two Gmail account, you can use to account.

Conclusion:  It was about the of google drive. We expiate have you understood of about google drive.  are happy to share this information about you and you may happy know about a new topic. If you think this article is helpful to you, share this article and comment to us how is it. Do not long to talk. Thanks for reading.

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