How To Disable Windows Defender Permanently In Windows 10

How To Disable Windows Defender Permanently In Windows 10. Microsoft is the company provides some special technology for this world. That’s name computer operating system. Microsoft can biggest change in world history. Microsoft has a lot of version operating system but windows 10 is the best service. This company provides Windows 10 provide some of extra features and facilities for users. Windows 10  build for special support for users and one of the best service of windows security system.

It one of the most popular and most important for windows users with virus protection. But some of the users  want to disable this special security system for some different reason. If you want to disable windows defender permanently in windows 10, you can do it easily. But most of the users don’t know that how to disable windows defender permanently in windows 10. Don’t worry and follow our tips, Here we provide for you  disable systems. If you follow this steps so you can do it easily and you can solve your problem. If you disable this system so you need to another virus protection software for security.

Why Disable Windows Defender In Windows 10?

How To Disable Windows Defender Permanently In Windows 10. Most of the windows users  always find most reliable and most effective virus security. But most of the users are use free security version and for serious security paid security software is best. If you use paid version you can get the full security system and many of special feature for security so if you want serious security and most reliable security system so don’t late and get fully paid version and install your computer.

Windows defender is very fast and important security but it’s totally free  so they don’t provide you full security with the full security feature. That’s why most of the windows users want to disable windows defender. And they always try another security software for protecting of the computer with data. One of the most important reason is if you use a laptop and then you use this windows defender so it gives bad effect for your laptop so laptop users always hate this system. Finally, I want to tell you that if you don’t like this security so just disable this system and use your own choose security virus software.

Disable process of Windows Defender Permanently In Windows 10

Here we try to show  you full process of how to disable windows defender permanently in windows 10 or 8. just follow this steps and solve your security system problem solution.


Step 1. You just go to your “windows search” option.

Step 2. Type here windows defender in search box

Step 3. Click on “settings” in the top-right of the window.

Step 4. Here you can get the full setting of windows defender .

Step 5. Then Turn off the toggles for real time protection, as well as cloud-based protection.


Step 6. Now full complete of this setting.

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Keep Windows Defender Permanently Disabled.

Now your windows defender permanently disable and now you can use any kinds of anti-virus for your virus security what do you want.

Here we provide for you some of the popular anti-viruses and if you like this anti virus so download this software and solve your full solution.

  1. Here we provide avast anti-virus for you. just check it and download it.
  2. Secondly, here we provide for you AVG Anti-virus so just check it out.

Conclusion: Final words! Here we provide for you the full solution of  how to disable windows defender. so in this article, if you have any kinds of question or any kinds of suggestion so please comment this post and our are teams always ready for you technology solution because we always provide full technology solution and we try to provide the best service for you. now the world is fully technology based and we try to use full technology support so don’t late and most important think that if you like this post so don’t forget to comment this post.  Thank you.

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