How To Merge Pages On Facebook

Here we discuss with you how To Merge Pages On Facebook. Take into account that, Facebook is a substitute for the biggest social networking platform. It isn’t handiest used for staying related to people, but it has ended up a hub for web promoting. Many brands, as well as companies, use FB organizations and pages to get the attention of purchasers. Facebook pages are alternatively a device for manufacturers and firms to connect with their buyers. Accordingly, there are quite a few pages on FB that persons like and comply with.

These pages are managed by using admins, who have the right to control the page as well as publishing content. In case you are wrestling for FB likes then read our guide about tips on how to increase FB web page likes. Often admins have a couple of pages. If these pages are for an equal cause, admins would alternatively want to merge the pages collectively to interact extra audience. On this method, admins can mix the likes and determine ins of both pages right into a single FB page. This decreases administration work. For that reason, to aid admins to merge their FB pages, we right here have the whole lot you ought to find out about how to merge pages on FB. We’ve provided the entire required information and also the easy steps to merge FB pages.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook

Preparation For Merging Facebook Page.

Facebook merges only those pages which have an equivalent identity as good as appear to represent the equal thing. Consequently, it’s important to make some changes to your pages earlier than merging them.

  1. Change the names of the pages to the identical. If the same isn’t possible, then make them an identity as possible. For illustration nontoxic tricks and safe Trick, both are virtually equivalent viable to merge.
  2. Also, update the about part with equivalent information. This commonly could also be your website, handle, and outline.

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Note: you would, on the whole, want to Merge Pages On Facebook with fewer likes into the one with extra. Thus, it ought to be noted that the content material of the merged page will thoroughly wipe. So earlier than commencing the method, we as an alternative recommendation you to download all the primary pics and stuff that you want

Part 1: – Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Similar Name.

Follow these easy steps given below to merge pages on Facebook together:

Step 1. Go to the URL: Click Here

Step 2. Then, choose the two pages you want to merge.

Step 3. Click on “Merge Pages”.

Hence, now you will end up with a single Facebook page with combined likes as well as check-ins.

Part 2: – Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Different Name.

According to Facebook page policies, we can only merge pages on Facebook with a similar name. So if you are trying to merge pages having a different name. Then you need to do some changes.

Let’s suppose We have two different name page, 1st is of Tech frk Name and 2nd is for frk Farhan. Now Suppose I want to merge frk Farhan into tech frk.

Then we need to change frk Farhan’s page name to tech frk. For better understanding, if the page name too much different then change the name in 2 or 3 processes.

In first request frk Farhan => tech frk’s frk Farhan

In second request tech frk’s frk Farhan => tech frk

We can adjust these name-changing requests according to our page name and similarity.

If you want to Change Facebook Page Name Follow Below Given guide.

Follow: – How To Change Name On Facebook.’

Part 3:- “Pages can’t be merged” Error Solution.

People may face the error


while merging pages. This error occurs when the Facebook page admits trying merging more than 5 or 6 pages. Then, Facebook restricts automatic merging. Therefore, to solve this error you can try two methods.

Below given are the methods to solve the “pages can’t be merged” error.

Method 1: – Reduce Total Merging Pages

If you want to Merge Pages On Facebook at a huge level then you can follow the given guidelines below.

The best way to merge many Facebook pages it that you pair up Fb pages with a very similar number of likes in a successive way. For example, two pages with 10k likes can be merged together. Then the resulting page has 20k likes. Thus, this page can be merged with another page with 20k likes, and so on.

Method 2: – Request Facebook Page With Merge Error.

The next method is very effective in removing the “Pages can’t be merged” error. Hence, it is a premium method.

This method rather requires you to fill a form for the manual Merge Pages On Facebook. We have given the link for the form below. Yet it is not very easy.


Note: – Above we given form is not publicly available. It’s only available for some accounts. To access this form you need to perform the simple task. We have done this just to reduce bogus request on this form. We have explained whole details in the document file you will receive from the above link.

Part 4: – Step To Merge Big Facebook Page Into Small?

If you want to merge the page with more likes into less or 0 like pages. Then there is no need to proceed for any other way. Above we gave Facebook request form.

conclusion: we hope that this easy guide on how to merge pages on Facebook will help you. We do our best to explain to processes and ways related to merging Facebook pages. For any assistance or query, feel free to write to us in the comment below.

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