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Here iLauncher Apk download latest version. The next-generation smartphones should provide a signification improvement in terms of personalization. A major challenge in smartphone personalization is how to tackle the diversity in smartphone usage. This paper presents iLauncher, an intelligent quick launch that can adapt to individual usage patterns on the fly to change apps dynamically without user intervention. The rationale behind the development process is that we collected traces of real user activity and conducted statistical analysis to derive some observations that provide useful insights into the design of our algorithm. The results of experiments conducted to evaluate the proposed algorithm are encouraging in terms of prediction accuracy. We have implemented iLauncher based on the algorithm and released it in an Android marketplace for free usage.

iLauncher Apk Latest version Download

iLauncher apk is an elaborate, smooth, beautiful launcher which makes it feel like your phone become different. UI is clear and intuitive so that it can be used without any instructions. Also iLauncher apk is the launcher that elaborately mimics the home screen of some other OS. UI is clear and intuitive so that it can be used without any instructions. Some different UI operations: Short touch on any icon in editing mode will show customization menu. Back key will operate as home key. This is an iPhone style home screen. FEATURES  Smooth scrolling  Icons have rounded corners and gloss effects.  Long touch icons to move them around and position them as you like.

Dock-bar Easily uninstall apps from your home screen. Press the back button to exit edit mode. Press the back button again to move to the first page. (normal android applications are not allowed to process the Home key) Can change each application’s name and icon – Spotlight search – Folder – Shortcuts. iLauncher had been forced to be taken down from the store. STEPS TO GET A REFUND FOR THE PREVIOUS USERS (Who bought it between 1.Feb.2014 and 23.Apr.2015) 1. Re-purchase the new version first. Go to ‘Preferences > User Support > Previous User Refund’. Then select the Play Store account that your previous order belongs to. Then you will get a refund within 1-3 days. You can check the result in Google Wallet.

iLauncher Apk Feature:

  • Apple Launcher have theme like Os theme
  • Easy to useApple Launcher can easy deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier.
  • Gestures: You can setup lots of gestures: swipe up, swipe down and home button actions with our Os Theme
  • No App Drawer: All Apps will be added on desktop, you can start them directly without the app drawer.
  • Drag and Drop tiles : Phone Launcher allow drag and Drop tiles, customize every tile according to your need.
  • Customized tile: With Apple Launcher you can easy change sizes of tiles, colors and icons, custom icon pack for many apps
  • Personalization: With iLauncher, you easy change desktop grid, sroll speed, infinite scrolling, show or hide search bar, customize folder preview, and lots of other options. You can setup HD OS10 wallpapers and choose layout you want, add new widget
  • Smooth icon animations

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Conclusion:  Finally in this article we try to provide for you iLauncher Apk. Here we discuss about iLauncher  Apk full description with provide here direct download link so let’s visit our website and download your expected apk. Thank you.

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