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Are you an android user? If you an android user, you may like to using apps and playing the game on your android device. If you use apps and playing the game, I think you are to face so many problems and you have frustrated. Because sometimes you can’t control those apps and sometimes some of the apps and games come with locked levels, tools, characters, coins. Then we have to unlock those apps by payment, also lots of apps show on our device. 

But what’ s the solution? Is there any way to solve this problem and unlocked a crazy game without money? Yes, there is an app four your android that name is lucky Patcher. Now we are going to know you about the lucky Patcher. 

What is Lucky Patcher? 

Lucky Patcher is an android hacking app. The Lucky Patcher app made by ChelpuS, it was launched in 2014. It allows its user to unlocked some interesting locked games, removes unexpected adds, license verification, get coins, and unlocked new features for totally free. As well as the app helps to modify most of the android games on your android phone or tablet. Also, you can control the app and save your RAM and transfer files, apps from phone to memory. Besides, there are lots of features available in this game. If you want to use all features freely, you need a rooted device otherwise you may not be able to get all features. 

How to use the lucky patcher? 

Are you thinking about how to use the Lucky Patcher? If you want to know how to use the app, this part of the article for you. But don’t worry this app easy to use.

How to remove ads and license? 

It’s very easy to remove ads by using original lucky patcher from your android device. Firs time If you are going to use the Lucky Patcher, you need to follow some steps below. 

  • First, download and install the app on your device.
  • then open it and complete the necessary permissions.
  • you will be seen all of the installed apps and games lists on your device screen.
  • select the app, what you want to modify. 
  • now you will have to select an open menu of patches, from the list of options.
  • then click on create a modified APK file.
  • you will be seen different options appear, now select APK without google ads. Also, you can select APK without license verification option, if you want.
  • Then click on rebuild the new app, after click a new fill will be saved in your android device.
  • Just uninstall the original app and install them via the app
  • Done. Now enjoy the app without ads.

How to Create a Modified APK?

  • Open the app and tap on the app name to select “create modified APK”
  • Then select on a patch for modification of APK.
  • the modified installation fill will be in /SD card/lucky patcher/modified/

you need to know that, a regulation APk is not like as the patches already installed application. So if you don’t tusk the work rightly, it will not install.

Lucky Patcher Features:

They’re also so many interesting features in this app. Among them some of the notable features we are going to show you below. 

  • Manage Permissions: Sometimes we need to install some require permission apps, at the time you will be able to remove permission by this app. 
  • Remove ads: Some of the apps show ads on your device. You can remove those apps by it.
  • Custom Patches: Sometimes in some of the apps and games, you can see custom patches and lock. You can unlock and get coin by this app without any cost.
  • Move app to SD card: You can move your installed app to SD card.
  • Free In-App Purchases are available.
  • Also, you can, Bypass License Verification.
  • Convert App to System App.
  • On the other hand, it helps to backup important files. 

File name and Minimum android require: 

The app name is lucky Patcher. It’s available on your android device. But it’s not available on all android devices. It’s required to the android version at least 2.3.3 or higher. As well as you need 2GB RAM and at least 1o GB ROM you need to use the app. 

Lucky patcher for iPhone/ iOS: 

Are you an iPhone user? Want to use the Lucky Patcher on your iPhone? Unfortunately, this app is officially not available on your iPhone device. It’s only an android app. You won’t be able to use it on your iPhone. But if you use an android emulator on your iPhone, you can use the Lucky Patcher on your device. There is an app like an emulator for iPhone that name is “Tutuapp’’ that can help you to use it on your iPhone. 

Lucky patcher for windows:   

Is it possible to use the app on windows? The app is officially not available on windows. But if you use an android emulator on your windows, you will be able to use the lucky patcher on your windows. There is lots of android emulator available for windows. Among them, the best emulators are NOX, bluestucks. You can use the app by using an emulator. Download one emulator and use the Lucky Patcher.

How to download Lucky Patcher on your android? 

It’s very easy to download the Lucky Patcher on Android devices. Just follow the easy step to download the app. The app is not available on the Google play store but The app is available on the “lucky Patcher official website’’. You can download the app from there.

  • Open a browser on your phone and go to the “lucky Patcher official website’’
  • There will be found a download link 
  • Click on and download 
  • Then install it.

After install, you need to allow an unknown download source of your device. Follow the step to enable unknown source. Go to the setting>> security setting>> unknown source>> then allow it. If you follow this guide clearly, I hope you will be able to download it. 

Conclusion: It was about the lucky Pratcher. We have tried to provide here most of the information about it. Also, there are lots of features available in this app, it’s not possible to provide all information through short content. If you have any specific questions about the lucky Pratcher, don’t hesitate to know us. Thanks.

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