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Are you looking for the best launcher for your android device? If your answer yes, then this article specially for you. Because now you are going to know about one of the best launchers for your android device. This is nova launcher, now this time it is one of the best launchers for Android devices. In this article, you will be able to know everything about it. And If you already use the app, you may know some new things about it. On the other hand, you will get here the latest version of nova launcher Apk for download freely. So let’s get started.

 What is nova launcher

Nova launcher is a powerful and smart launcher for android devices. It will late you customize new home screen, folders, icons, etc. you will get a new home screen in your device by this nova launcher app. Use the nova launcher and replace your home screen and change app drawer style with different interesting powerful features. on the other hand, you can set up shortcuts to get your device shake. Do you like the new smart home screen photo? The nova launcher also will help you. As well as you will get so many features freely. Some of the features only for the paid version. Just continue to know more about it.

Nova Launcher

How to use the nova launcher

Now time to know how to use the nova launcher. Well, already you have known this is a launcher. If you are going to use the app for the first time, you should know how to use the nova launcher. By knowing this information, you will be able to use the app easily. It’s very easy to set up and use. Let’s know how to set up and use it. Also ILAUNCHER APK Most popular for android users.

  • Just open the app, you will be welcomed in the nova, just click on next wright side of below.
  • Then choice your mode which you prefer, light or dark. Click next.
  • Choice app drawer style. Then click next.
  • Choice open app drawer action. Click next
  • Wait for a few seconds it will setup.
  • Now enjoy the launcher.

Some of the interesting features of nova launcher: 

There are lots of interacting free features available in this app. Day by day is being updated this app and provide new features. let’s see some key features. 

  1. Replace your home screen 
  2. Get a new folder style and lots of drawers
  3. Also, it supports a lot of icons them, available on google play 
  4. Night and dark mode. You can protect your eyes by night and dark mode. Also available light mode.
  5. Subgrid Positioning
  6. Backup and restore. 
  7. It works very speed, never will slow your phone. 
  8. Free to use
  9. Safe and first
  10. No ads and pop-ups
  11. Easy to use
  12. Setup shortcuts.

The nova launcher original app information and android requirement: 

The nova launcher is a famous and batter launcher for android mobile and tablet than any other launcher. You may ask is the android app will support the low RAM of phones? well, you can ask it because some of the launcher apps don’t support on low RAM of phone. But the nova launcher 5.80 MB short APK available all version of android device. You can use it without any worry. And the file size is very short for this reason it will save your RAM speech.

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Nova launcher for iPhone

Hay! iPhone user you may be waiting for a launcher for your iPhone and iPad. do you want to use the nova launcher for our iPhone this part of the article only for you? let’s know how to use it on the iPhone.

Is it possible to use the nova launcher for iPhone? Unfortunately, this app officially not available for iPhone. If You want to use the nova launcher, you must need an android device. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the app. As day by day is being popular the app. It is likely to make iPhones version for iPhone users.

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Nova launcher for windows

As a windows user if you want to use the app on your windows like windows 7, 8, 10, follow this part of the article.

First, you need to know is the app available for windows or not? Already you know that this is an android app. It’s now available for windows and iPhone. But if you a windows user, you can use the launcher another way. Let’s know how to use.

If you want to use the nova launcher, you will have to use an android emulator. There are lots of emulators available online. download one and then use the nova launcher. If you tell me to recommend a choice emulator. I will tell you to use NOX and BlueStacks. Both are easy to use. Without using any emulator, you won’t be able to use the nova launcher on your windows.

How to download Nova Launcher

It’s easy to download the nova launcher on your device. The app is available hundreds of online platforms also google play store. one of the easy and safe places in google play store. Let me show how to download the app from google play store.

  • Open google play store
  • Click on the search bar and type the file name ` nova launcher’ search
  • You will get the app click on the install button, it will download and install automatically. 
  • Just wait a few seconds. 
  • Finish.

We have provided here an easy guide to download the app. I hope now you will be able to download the app. If you think this is so painful, you can download the app from your website. We are giving here a direct download link, just click on the icon and download by a moment.

Final word, now that time the nova launcher is a very popular launcher for android devices. So if you love to use the launcher, you can check it. Here we have tried to provide an easy guide for your batter understand. If the app will be added any new feature, will provide you by our website. If you have any questions about the nova launcher, just keep your question by a comment below. thanks

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