Oneplus 7 release date, Price, Specification, Feature

Oneplus 7 is one of the best smartphone company in the world. The company every year makes some phone. In the year the company will make a phone this name is oneplus 7. This smartphone is one of the best upcoming smartphones. It has also new features. The oneplus 7 the last phone is oneplus 6t. It will be a new phone of oneplus in 2019. Also, the oneplus will be the first 5G supported phone of oneplus. This phone is powered by octa-core. If you want all the information about the upcoming smartphone oneplus 7, it is the right place. Just read the full article. Also OnePlus 5T is most important Smarphone right now.

We are providing all the information about the upcoming smartphone oneplus 7 in 2019. We providing here release date, price, camera, battery, features, review, etc. You can read what you want to read about oneplus. Just read the details information and make a clear concept about the latest upcoming smartphone in 2019.

Oneplus 7 release date, price, camera, battery, features review

Currently knows most of the people about the upcoming smartphone oneplus 7. The phone has some new features with a smart look. If you read the article, you will be fully clear of about oneplus.

Feature of oneplus 7:

  • oneplus brand
  • one plus 7 model
  • 6.5-inch AMOLED display
  • 1080×2340 screen resolution
  • 9.0 android (pie)
  • powered by an octa-core
  • 4150 mah battery
  • 48MP+20MP+5MP camera
  • A 16MP front camera, screen flash
  • popup selfie camera
  • light sensor
  • fingerprint sensor
  • 8GB ram
  • 128GB room
  •  warless charging system
  • type-c port
  • doesn’t support micro-USB
  • have Wi-Fi
  • back by glass

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Camera: now the time is talking to the camera. Now say something about oneplus cameras. This camera is better from another brand. It has three rear cameras. 48MP, 20MP, 5MP. All are standard cameras. You will be able to capture a beautiful moment by per click. Even has a popup front camera with 16MP. It is a new feature of oneplus. oneplus at first added popup selfie camera with oneplus. Do you have any question about oneplus? Please comment on our inbox. We will try to provide your answer as soon as possible. Also Honor 11 camera quality is awesome.

Release date: let’s know about oneplus 7 release date. This part will help you know about the release date of oneplus. If you looking for the release date of oneplus, this is the original place. We will provide all the information about the release date of oneplus. The oneplus will release probably middle of 2019. Oneplus 6 was released in May 2018. So may 2019 is most of possible to release oneplus 7. Although oneplus 5 and 3 was released in jane. So June in 2019 is the most perfect time for lunch oneplus. When will lunch this smartphone, then it will release oneplus 7 we will provide all country release date like Bangladesh, India, UK, us, south korai, or others country.

Price: if you want to know the price of oneplus, it is one of the right places. We are providing here all country price include India, Bangladesh, UK, us, Africa, south coria, and another specific country. Right now this oneplus price is not available. This company did not issue price of phone before release. So we are awaiting the release of oneplus. When will issue price of oneplus on the oneplus official page, we will provide all country price on here? The oneplus 6t price was $549/AU$ 599. Also Xiaomi mi 9 price is reasonable for users.

So we expect the oneplus 7 price will some more much. As more country’s people want to the price of oneplus, it is not possible to provide all country price. If you want any specific country price, just comment on our inbox. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

Wireless charging: it has confirmed that the oneplus 7 won’t have wireless charging system. Oneplus CEO Pete Lau said wireless charging is not being charged fast. That’s why the next oneplus phone oneplus  won’t have wireless charging system. But I think it should add a wireless charging system. Because another popular brand already added these features. It is one of the biggest challenges for this technology. They could add this feature. Anyway, probably the company will add a wireless charging system their next phone.

Speaker: it’s time to say about the speaker. The oneplus 6 has only a single speaker. It’s base very well. This base makes easy to muffle. But the oneplus  has a dual speaker with the second speaker allowed for loud stereo sound. Even may we will use headphone. the oneplus speaker sound is very well.

Micro SD slot: storage problem is a big problem. Don’t enough speech is the very biggest problem. When users face the problem if they don’t have micro SD slot them need to delete something. I have a micro SD   slot, they won’t face the problem. The oneplus 6 don’t have a micro SD slot. It Is a problem so the company will add a micro SD slot in oneplus 7.

Display: let’s talk to about display. The display is a very important part of the phone. This smartphone display design is very fantastic. The look is one of the important parts. If look like be not well, the customer will not impress to see. That’s why well design to help catch the customer. It has 6.5 inch AMOLED display with screen resolution 1080×2340.

Battery: this part of the article will help you to know about the battery of oneplus 7. So let’s start about the battery. It has a 4150 mah non-removal battery with first charging. This battery backup is very well.

Conclusion: however, we are trying to provide all information of oneplus 7 by this post. If you have any question about oneplus 7 prices, release date, specs, battery, camera, review please comment on our inbox. Thanks for reading.

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