How to Remove Write Protection From USB Pendrive with 5 ways

Wellcome to Website. In this area of technological know-how, all of us come by way of objects that we might not even imagine few years back. One in all them is Pen drive, an extraordinarily tiny device manufactured to store large amounts of information. Invention of Pendrive revolutionized the way in which we transferred information. Now we do not need to elevate all those fragile CD’s and DVDs with us. Simply plug-in Pendrive and also you obtained the whole lot you want. As we are able to quite simply make bootable USB for OS installation. But pendrive manufacturers hold on improvising their merchandise and therefore they introduces write defense in Pendrives. Write security is a setting that blocks any form of change or deletion of a file. Even their are different feasible approaches to preserve usb with password. But that is an excellent feature to cozy knowledge on USB however sometime it malfunctions and we will equipped to get rid of write protection from USB pendrive. You then are not able to delete or replica a file or format the USB even when write protection is switched off.

How To Remove Write Protection From USB Pendrive/SD Card. ?

 system 1:- Remove Write Protection From Pendrive Using Regedit.

Registry Editor is a set of resource for windows OS. We can without difficulty edit, replace and put off settings for any detailed file, gadget and home windows system. So one can additionally use registry editor to remove write safeguard from usb power. To be able to remove the write security comply with beneath given steps.

  • First of all open your “Start menu“, and search for “Website” option.
  • Then type in “regedit” into run box and press Enter.
  • After that new window for registry editor will get open.
  • Next step is to navigate through following path:-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet > Control >S torageDevicePolicies


  • After successfully reaching to that portion as shown above. Double-click the “Website key located in the right side pane and set the value to 0.
  • Go to the Data Value box and press “OK”

To conclude the process safely cast off the Pendrive, Restart your laptop and Plug-in pendrive once more. Hope this solution will works for you.

System 2:- Remove Write Protection From USB Drive Using Command Prompt.

If you’re now not ready to fix write protection error from pendrive with the aid of making use of above registry editor system. Then we propose you to try command immediate for this purpose. CMD is sincerely used for more than a few purpose as we already listed my cmd tricks. So we hope by using cleaning you USB pressure or reminiscence card with cmd will fix write defense error.

  • Firstly Click On “Start Button” >> Then Search “CMD” >> Then Click Enter to open command prompt window.
  • Then type “diskpart” and press enter and another window will appear.
  • Type “list volume” and press Enter. This command will display a list of drives connected to tour computer.


  • Search for your pendrive by the letter that follows it name.
  • Type select volume x. Replace x with the number from the first column in the list for the USB drive or SD card you want to perform commands for.
  • For example, if the USB drive is Volume 3, you’d type select volume 3.
  • Type “attributes disk clear readonly” and press enter.
  • Type “exit“ and press enter.

Now you should eliminate the power and re-insert it and hope this process will constant issue.



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