Samsung Galaxy A60 Specification, Price, Release Date, Rumor & Feature

One of the most popular brands is Samsung. Samsung’s popularity increases day by day worldwide. the Samsung electronics makes some phone for their customer. They always try to make some specific phone. Samsung makes most of the phone from the middle prize. Samsung Electronics is making a phone the year the name is Samsung galaxy A60. The phone is very specific and fantastic. It has some fantastic features. Samsung makes a phone A60 think about now a day that can get you a cheap rate even get all modern & specific features. Now we will know all of the information about Samsung galaxy A60 by this article. The Samsung Galaxy A60 is new arrival phone in 2019. You will get here Samsung galaxy A60 price, release date, review, camera, storage, etc. So please continue and get a clear concept about Samsung galaxy A60.

Samsung Galaxy A60 Full Feature and Specification

Samsung Galaxy A60 review: Samsung Galaxy A60 is one of the new arrival phones in 2029. The phone has some new features and specification. Samsung provides a 6.3’’ IPS display on this phone even has a triple Primary camera and a selfie camera beside have a LED flash. Android  9.0 (pie), processor snapdragon 675.up to a 4G network system. 6 GB of ram 64 GB and micro SD slot. This phone provides a huge battery of 4500 MAH li-polymer. And have a nice look and design. 

Specification about Samsung galaxy A60

Brand: Samsung

Model name: galaxy A60

Model number: SM-A6060

Display: 6.3’’ IPS LCD touchscreen with screen regulation 1080×2340

Camera: Triple rear camera 32mp+8mp+5mp with video quality 2160@30fps, 1080p@30fps


Body: dimensions 155.2×73.9×7.9 mm

Weight: 162 gm

Android: 9.0 pie

Sim: Nano Sim

Chipset: QUALCOMM sdm675 snapdragon 675

Processor:  octa-core processor

 Launch: May 2019

Sound:  loudspeaker

Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS

Color: magical orange, phantom black.

Announce Date: in April 2019.

Release Date: in May 2019.

Camera: Samsung camera always well. Yet they are improving their camera think about now a day. This time is compotation they always try to best perform from another brand. the Samsung Galaxy A60 has three rear camera 32MP+8MP+5MP. The 32MP camera works the regular main camera and the 8MP camera helps to take wide mood and ultra-wide mode pictures. Even 5MP deep lance camera works to take pot rate photos. I think this camera is enough to take a perfect picture. Though the camera works not well of low light, after all, it is well.  Besides has a LED flashlight. has a front camera of 32 MP on the corner of the display. As the camera aperture f/2.0, this camera is very well. You can take a very fantastic selfie with this camera. 

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Display: let’s know about the Samsung Galaxy A60 display. You will be very glad to know that Samsung provide a punch hold display on galaxy A60.  It has a 6.3’’ punch hold IPS LCD with screen resolution 1080 x 2340 pix. The punch holds display system is brand new features. We get the display of Samsung Galaxy A60. The display very well. you can watch the video this punch hold display without any problem. They have provided an IPS display in Samsung galaxy A60. I think the Samsung AMOLED display is best. But they have not provided AMOLED display in galaxy A60. Though the IPS display is not bad, the AMOLED display is the best of Samsung. Nothing to say about this display.

Price: now we will know about the price new arrival phone Samsung galaxy A60. The Samsung Galaxy A60 is available in worldwide. So this price is not the same worldwide. The price is a different country from the country. So it is not possible to provide all the country prices. We are providing here some country prices. Australia: AUD 620, India: INR 20700, Pakistan: INR 60000, USA: $450.we have provided here some country price. If you want to know other country prices, just comment on us we will try to provide.

Release date: the Samsung Galaxy A60 is a new arrival phone. The phone already has released and available worldwide. The phone fires release in April 2019. When it released, it was not available worldwide. But right now this phone is available in worldwide. you can buy this phone in any country.

Processor: Samsung Galaxy A60 has a huge and latest processor. The processor is Qualcomm snapdragon 675. It is one of the latest and strong processor. If you are a gaming lover, this is for you. The snapdragon 675 works very first. I want to say about this processor because you already know about this processor.

Color & design: you will be able to two colors of the phone in the market. magical orange, phantom black. Two-color is very well & looks like fantasy. The most important thing is the design. Now we will talk to part of the design. It fronts side is protecting punch hold gorilla glass display and backside plastic body. If you use the phone without back cover, it may scratch on the backside. So I suggest you will use the back part.

Screen speaker: screen speakers a new feature. The feature you get this phone. This galaxy A60 has a new screen speaker technology. Samsung first time uses the features by galaxy A60.

Battery: The Samsung galaxy A60 has a huge battery system. The battery is 4500 MAH li- is enough to use a full day. you can use easily a full day of one charge. With the first charging system. If you use the phone charger, you will get a full charge for about 2 hours. This phone is first charging supported. If you use the first charger, you get the first charge.

Most of the information we have provided here. If you want any information about the Samsung galaxy just inform us, we will try to provide it. Thanks for reading.

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