Samsung Galaxy A80 Price, Release Date, Review, Specification & Rumor

Samsung is a very popular mobile brand in the world. This company makes some specific phone every year. Such a phone is Samsung galaxy A80. It is a new upcoming phone in 2019. Now we will know about of Samsung galaxy A80 including price, release date, features, review, camera, storage, specification, etc. If you are searching about of Samsung A80, this is one of the right places. We will provide here all of the information about Samsung galaxy A80.

Samsung galaxy A80 Price, Release Date, Review, Specification & Rumor

Specification of Samsung galaxy A80:

  • Made by Samsung
  • Model name: Samsung galaxy A80
  • Launch in April 2019
  • GSM/HSPA/LTE network system

      – Front / back made by glass/aluminum

      – 6.7 inch super AMOLED display with screen resolution 1080×2400 pix.

      – 9.0 (pie) android

       – 48+8 MP triple rear pop-up rotating camera

        –    no memory sold

       –   internal 128GB RAM 8GB


       –   type- c USB

        –   3700 Mah non-removal li-po battery

        –    fingerprint display

        –   models sm-A805F

         – no headphone jack

        -angle gold, ghost white, phantom black color

      –   price about 650 EUR

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The most important thing is the camera. The Samsung A80 best for the camera. It has 48mp+ 8mp triple rear pop-up rotating Primary camera. It is best to take back ground moment and selfie. First 48mp camera take perfect photo support by 8mp. The threaded camera for Blur background. It has a DSLR mood. The Bloor mood work when you use the back camera. But when you use the front camera the Blur mood doesn’t work.

You can take a beautiful moment like life per click. Samsung doesn’t make a pop-up camera first. The rear camera is batter from other brands.  when you use focusing mood you will get a fantastic photo.

Display: Samsung mobiles always best for display. The Samsung A80 display very well from other models. It has 6.7 inches full HD AMOLED display with resolution 1080 x 2400 pix. The display is full Knox display. Full display protects by gorilla glass. Also Oneplus 7 also most important for smarphone users.

Design: design is the most important thing for a phone. The first imprecation is designed. It is very important how to look like a phone. The Samsung made such a phone this name is Samsung galaxy A80 its design is better. This disloyal design and camera style is really unbelievable. The screen protects by gorilla glass and back aluminum. The pop-up camera style too nice to like most of the people.

Price: Now we will talk to about Samsung galaxy A80 price. Most of the people want to know the price of Samsung galaxy from other counters. This price is now the same all countries.  All counters price different. So it is not possible to provide all county price.

We know the Samsung company not say their phone price before release. So now this time we don’t know Samsung galaxy A80 price. When we know the price of upcoming smartphone Samsung galaxy A80, we will provide some different country price including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, south korai, us, UK.

Release date: The Samsung company made some of the battered phones in 2019. The Samsung galaxy upcoming smartphone is one of the best phones in 2019. The upcoming smartphone will release in May 2019 worldwide. All of the countries will release about the same time. This time is not far. When this phone will release we all provide all country release date.

System: now say something about the upcoming smartphone Samsung galaxy A80. The Samsung made the most powerful smartphone this name is Samsung A80. It this phone android version is 9.0(pie), 128GB phone memory, 8GB ram, triple rear camera 48mp+8mp, 3700mah non-removal battery, (2.2 GHz dual-core, Kiro 470+1.8 GHz hexacore, Kory 470) processor. This some system of Samsung A80.

Color: the upcoming smartphone Samsung galaxy will give us three colors of phone. Angle gold, ghost white, phantom black. All of the wall color.

Extendable memory:  if you are looking extendable memory of upcoming smartphone Samsung galaxy A80, this is the right place. Users always want a big speech for memory. Though this Samsung A80 not have memory slot, this phone memory is huge speech. It is enough for all of the work also it has phone memory is 128GB with 8GB ram. It is a really huge speech.

Battery & charging system: It has a very powerful battery. The battery is not removable li-po 3700 mah.  As the battery is 3700 mah, you will be able to use a full day easily of one charge. Besides the company have provided a first charging system with 25W.

Buy online market:  Can you buy the phone from the online market? Yes, you can buy the Samsung A80 from online. When the Samsung galaxy A80 will release worldwide, it will available on all online market place. So don’t worry. If you want to buy the phone online, just waiting to release date. It will available Amazon, Alibaba, and other online market places. So don’t west time. Now booking the Samsung galaxy A80 on the online market place. When will release the Samsung A80, you will get first.

Conclusion: All of the people worldwide depend on smartphone use. Even most of the people like Samsung brand phone. The Samsung electronics makes the Samsung galaxy A80. Those who have to need Samsung galaxy A80 will go to market they get something new features and something special. User will get so many benefits by this phone.

The Samsung galaxy A80 has huge speech RAM. Those who people love to Samsung phone they are waiting for its release date. When will release the Samsung galaxy A80, it will get huge market demand worldwide. Here we have tried to provide all of the information of about Samsung galaxy A80. If you have any question of about Samsung galaxy A80, just comment us. We will try to answer your question. Thanks for reading.

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