How To Secure Gmail Account From Hackers (9 Ways)

Gmail is a best way of mailing to others. In recent age Gmail got most popularity from the people. Because by this people can easily contract to others. They can also share or transfer photos,videos others fils also. Gmail is used many office and organization to exchanging information. There are many accounts like social media facebook, Instragram, Twitter and other site want gmail to open their accounts. When we got too many service by gmail there is a question that it it safe or secured. Every people wants to secured their accounts. Here we try to give some tricks that helped to keeping gmail account safe.

How To Secure Gmail Account From Hackers (9 Ways)

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  1. Google 2 step verification: This is a very easy and safe process that keeps peoples Gmail account protected from various problems. The can be provide with a one-time login code to a secondary device like mobile,laptop and others through text or Google authentication app. Its really Special system.
  2.  Stay out of the spam/phishing messages: User must be try to avoid the spam or phishing folders. If you have account Amazon. Com sometimes they can  shipped’ order . sometimes they give some important mail. To keep the Gmail account safe, you can use the different  account for Amazon, e-bay and must be concentrate that do not open those emails which you receive in another account.
  3. Do not disclose the password: A very important things is password. So never share your password with anyone. If Google wants your gmail you can not give password by any link rather go to
  4. Account recovery option: There is another suggestion is that keep the mobile number up to date. If your account number is hacked then google should know your current phone number to send security code for account recovery.
  5.  Use a recovery email address: Email address is the other way where Google sent security codes. So you need to have a secondary Email ID for account recovery.
  6. Use secure connection: Gmail account should be set to use the secure connection that is suggested by HTTP before the URL address and this can be set by going to settings>General> browser connection. So user should always use VPN for login.
  7. Use strong and long password: Password is a big matter to secure any type of account. So here is no alternative. You must be use longer password to keeping safe your Gmail account. Do not use any dictionary related word and always try to use #, *, $ in the password to make it more strong and safe.
  8.  Never Ignore Gmail Security Alerts. User all time need to alert about the gmail security.
  9.  Always Sign Out: If you sign in all the time anyone can use your mail so you need to sign out all the time.

Conclusion: Gmail is the most valuable things in present technological world. There is a lot of hacker who try to hack another account. So we need to secure our mail id. Here we try to include some bast way to keep secure the gmail account.

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