SEO Tutorial Series – Design & Layout

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The website design and layout gives the first impression about your site.

There are sites which can be too fancy and ordinary internet surfers simply attain those web sites and are available out even with out making a single click.

Serps are very shrewd but after all, they’re application and no longer man or women, who can read the content of their interest. If you make your website too complicated, then the quest engine would not be equipped to parse the content material of your website thoroughly, and sooner or later indexing would no longer be effective, which results in a low rank.

The specific web page content material will have to have a keyword density of about 10% and will have to weigh in at about 200 phrases – but there are as many opinions about this as there are search engine optimisation authorities. Some say, key phrase density should be 5% and a few say it will have to be 20%. You can go together with 10% which is good adequate.

Listed here are just a few guidelines that you will have to keep in mind at the same time designing a web web page.

  • You will have to have more textual content content material than HTML factors.
  • No frames. They’re the enemies of search engines like google, and serps are enemies of frames.
  • No commercials if viable. Due to the fact many of the advertisements use Java-Script which isn’t informed for use.
  • No JavaScript. If you want JavaScript, call it from an external file alternatively than dumping the code within the HTML file. JavaScript drop-down menus restrict spiders from crawling past your homepage. Should you use them, be definite to include text hyperlinks on the backside of the page.
  • Don’t put some thing within the web page matter that doesn’t match perfectly.
  • No useless directories. Hold your records as close to the foundation as feasible.
  • No fancy stuff (Flash, Splash, Animated Gifs, Rollovers, etc.) except most likely crucial.

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