Simple Steps To Make Your Own Antivirus

Here Simple Steps To Make Your Own Antivirus. Antivirus is the application for the computer which helps us to eliminate unwanted files like malware, spyware, and adware, spam documents which will result from our laptop many injuries or current our fundamental data. The fundamental functioning of Antivirus is to discover and take away damaging or undesirable files that may slow down your laptop and windows. But if you don’t have enough time to download any best antivirus. Then simply use this trick to make you possess antivirus. Simple Steps To Make Your Own Antivirus

Simple Steps To Make Your Own Antivirus

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Open your Notepad and paste this given code

  • @echo off
  • title Antivirus
  • echo Antivirus
  • echo created by your name
  • :start
  • if exist virus.bat go to infected
  • if not exist virus.bat go to clean
  • cd C: Windows system32
  • :infected
  • echo warning virus detected
  • del virus.bat
  • pause
  • go to start
  • :clean
  • echo System secure!
  • pause
  • exit

This way you can create Simple Steps To Make Your Own Antivirus really too easy.

Conclusion: worldwide had a lot of antiviruses and some of free are some of the premium so main fact that premium antivirus is really important and effective but free antivirus is always can’t show better performance so if you want to get solution of antivirus, you can create it and it’s free but really so effective and it works best. Now this time most of the computer users use online versions because they don’t know about this matter that’s why we suggest you for your best security.

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