Top 10 Snapchat Tricks, Tips And Hacks

Here we discuss with you Top 10 Snapchat Tricks, Tips and Hacks. Today’s generation can not live without a smartphone. There are so many apps that increase the satisfaction level of people. Here we talking about the smartphone app Snapchat. It is a mobile application app that is used to contract with other people. It is used as a social media that is Facebook, Instagram, and much more. But in this apps, Snapchat is a hipster. It works based on photo sharing that believes in living the moment. The snaps also work as self-disappearing and even a screenshot is notified. There are many more services like supports calling, video calls, texts, group chats, stories and service we can get easily. The Snapchat app also includes several iconic features like 24-hour stories, stickers, filters, and bitmoji. So if you are a Snapchat lover or a fan you will be benefited to read this. Here we try to give all the information about Snapchat like how safe account, what type of benefit they provide and others.

Top 10 Snapchat Tricks, Tips And Hacks

  1. Travel Mode.

First of all Travel Mode is a trick that can be used in Snapchat to save mobile data. So this Snapchat Tricks reduces data cost.

  1. Reply to friend’s stories.

Reply to friend’s stories is another benefit in the Snapchat app. People can start a conversation about what they are doing. This is the way to start a conversation and contract with others smoothly.

  1. Use search.

By using the Snapchat user can easily search to look for friends, groups, as well as people who followed the user.

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  1. Bitmoji.

Bitmoji is an interesting thing that is used to send other friends. There is a lot of bitmoji sticks that people can use. If the user opens bitmoji stickers in a chat he can also enjoy bitmoji stickers with his friends. This is a great way to fun.

  1. Create groups in Snapchat.

There is a suitable chance to create a group in Snapchat. After creating a group user can share moments with his friends and also chat about their own way. Just press to the chat tab and tap on the new chat icon. After this selection, a couple of friends make a group easily.

  1. Hide private snaps.

Snapchat gives really interesting things that hide the private snap. There is a memory Tab where the user can keep snaps together and safely backed up. This does not end there is a “For your eyes only” tab also. This tab used to lock private snaps by using a code. So the Snapchat user can easily maintain their privacy.

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  1. Get more Colors.

Here we included another Snapchat Tricks that is you can get more Colors for drawing tool in Snapchat. To get this just hold on the color bar and then swipe to left. There is a lot of colors.

  1. Use front camera as default.

There is another thing that is user can use the front camera as default camera.

  1. Better low light selfies also can be used in Snapchat.

Conclusion: Finally we discuss with you about Top 10 Snapchat Tricks, Tips And Hacks. This all other things make Snapchat more popular day by day.

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