Web research (medical research)

Web research is most important of Google Search Engine. If you want to get  song or any video on google then you need to web research. Any kinds of file or video if you need so you have to do web research. Online have 12o category work and web research is also important work. I have a web research job. i work job in Germany company. Company name is VIVA. I worked in medical research. It’s part of web research. It’s hourly job. And they give me best payment. This work have some rules. I collected some data for medical research. I collect world wide doctors data. i collect 5 category data.

web research(medical research)

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Medical Research:

  • University
  • Hospital
  • Association
  • Publication
  • Event

University: I collect from google search engine of doctors University. Doctors which university study, Which university’s teacher, Which University’s Trainee etc.

Hospital: Hospital is so important for medical research. Because hospital is most related of medical research. Doctor which hospital are attend and which hospital are internee and which university are doing job are everything is so important for medical research.

Association: Association is also important for medical research because world wide association is most important. Doctor which association are involved and which association’s member it’s so important. most of the doctor are involve many kinds of association.

Publication: Publication means books. many doctor are written a lot of books. They write many types of books like kids, magazine, medical, Story, funny books etc.

Event: Event is first and most important things of medical research. our company gives first priority event. doctor which program are attend, which program are get position president/vice president, how much time he join this type program etc.

Conclution: Our company is  first category company of upwork. it’s so high profile company of upwork. Upwork gives first priority of this company. Our company have 100 up worker. our company established germany.

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