YouTube downloader App for Android, Windows, and iPhone

YouTube Downloader is one kind of program that helps you to download videos and to converts in different formats to mp3 or any other video formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV etc. Day after day on different groups/pages/forum thousands of asking appears that how they can download their desired videos from YouTube.

And this post is for them those who are users of Android, Windows, and iPhone and want videos downloaded from the site. And these services are possible in two ways- one is by online, and another one is by the software program. However, those are the easiest way to get the videos; we will highlight them effectively just for you below continue.

YouTube downloader App for Android, Windows, and iPhone

YouTube Downloader for Android

Worldwide most popular YouTube allows all users to view and watch the videos from their site. But when you enjoy the video, and you want to get the video for watching on offline, you can‘t download the video because of YouTube restriction. However, those who are the user of Android, they will have the best guideline to download the videos by YouTube Downloader App. Following the downloader App list, you will get help here to download YouTube Videos.

1. TubeMate

TubeMate is one of the third party YouTube video downloader apps. Using the application is as essential as getting to the video through the ‘program’ that comes coordinated itself. From that point, press the green button founded at the top of the screen.

Then you can pick what quality you want to download your video. Android is set up good with this application typically having a wide range of determination alternatives adjusted to the different terminals that you can download your video from multiple video sharing sites in a second. However, it deals with lots of advertisement that will keep up popup windows now and then.

2. YouTube Go

YouTube Go is a brand new and excellent App for your everyday compassion to watch videos and download fast. There is no difficulty using it or a bug. You can download as MP3 without an external plug-in. And it is possible to control data that how many MBs you want to use on videos. And for downloading the videos open the video link. Then you will get a downloading icon top on the video to select different formats. The rest is the same like all downloading systems. This youtube downloader is against YouTube’s terms of service.

3. Videoder

Videorder is most comfortable and most potent youtube downloader for Android. It is not only able to download videos from YouTube but also able from Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. By using it, you can download its different quality as you prefer. And the app has it own share button and easily customizable with impressive features. It helps you downloading fast. You now can download it from its official site if you can’t find it in the play store. And install it on your phone. As it has Ads features, you can avoid it by using its premium plugin.

And now to download your desired video open YouTube in the app and only search for your video. And after opening the link, a download button will appear on the top. Now you can choose the video format as you want.

4. KeepVid

This video downloader can download with faster speed compared to others Youtube downloader and one of the best Android video downloaders to download the videos from 27 video sharing sites. And its features are most familiar to use and allows all users to download the video up to 4k resolution. You can also download as mp3 without any external plug-in. And its download systems are same like all others. However, as it displays ads, you can avoid it by using its premium version.

5. SnapTube

SnapTube is organized by popular sites, videos, and categories and for Android, one of the trustworthy video downloaders. Here you can search YouTube videos directly from its search bar as it has a user-friendly interface. And you can choose all qualities video before downloading it, and it acts as fast video downloaders. As all downloaded videos are stored in phone memory automatically, you can pick all the videos will be in your desired file. You can also share all the videos on social Media directly. And here on the all videos, a download video icon appears to download YouTube downloader like all others.

6. InsTube

This one is the faster downloader and more reliable YouTube downloader to download the videos from other favorite sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and others. And mostly it is a superb Video Downloader for Android. And it is organized by highly customizable to choose the video qualities, to share YouTube videos within the app and to hide any video you can also create private space if you have the desire and even bookmarks option. Its download system like all as above.

7. VidMate

VidMate is popular Android Youtube downloader with fast video downloading speed. And it is based on different categories as music, movies or you can search directly from its search bar. You can also customize it’s all features and can change its setting download location within its download settings and to store all the videos in a specific space.

8. YT3 YouTube Downloader

It is simple and uncomplicated android video downloader where you can download the videos as mp3 and mp4 formats. It is quite easy to use and its preview button lets you go your desire before downloading. And it allows you faster downloading speed. Moreover, it has great features primarily it shows lyrics when you lessen the song on the app. And the app is only for your video and music.

9. NewPipe

NewPipe with an exceptionally natural interface is an open source application. The YouTube Video Downloader for Android offers different formats and resolution with fast downloading and is very straightforward. It provides YouTube original app experience. It doesn’t display adds that’s boring. Besides, it guarantees security as it doesn’t save any client information. Its different highlights contain channel subscriptions, 4K support, various topics, and so on. Also, you can get easily Youtube Alternatives here.

YouTube Downloader for iPhone

Many users of iPhone watch YouTube videos directly on their iPhones. But sometimes we want the videos downloaded for offline watching. But here is YouTube restriction for the user that they don’t allow to save YouTube videos for copy claimed to iPhone unless you have subscribed to their channel that enables you to preserve the videos for offline.  So, here you can find the best solution for you to get videos downloaded to your handset provided below what the best Apps are.

1. iDownloader Plus

iDownloader Plus is one of the applications used to download any files with faster speed. You can also use it as a USB to your IOS device. All content will be transferred by WiFi not only to your computer even emailing it plugging in the method. You can also download multimedia files, and you can reproduce them in your IOS device. It also offers you on your iPhone multimedia features to display like your personal computer. This is really awesome youtube downloader.

2. Document 6

This application allows all users generally to watch all kind of videos. It has gained most popularity because of its uniformity features and usages. But if you have the desire to download the videos using the App, you simply open the program and on your device and click on the icon found in the left corner. And now you need to search on the search bar by the name “savefromnet” and use the search result “”. And copy and paste the exact video URL on the white box, and that select your preferred video quality and continue to save to your device memory.

3. Video Downloader Pro

This downloader is not only for YouTube video downloader but also supported in all websites with almost all popular video file formats. And it is possible directly from the internet to stream video contents. And it is helpful for the users that it provides a free trial for this application before you purchased. It allows you by type and details to gather the videos as you wish. You only need to browse the web for your download process and then choose your desired video and continue to save the video by selecting the exact video quality.

4. Ultra-Downloader Plus

This application not only supported for video downloading but also it allows you to stream your content directly to PS4, Xbox, and SmartTV, etc. And you can bookmark on used video downloading sites. Also, it is immeasurable for you to save your all collections with the password. You can too pause/resume your video whenever you needed. Recommended for you to download the videos from the web you need active iTunes account.

YouTube Downloader for Windows

Suppose you watch your favorite video from YouTube and in case, you want it offline, in any format of your choice. You need now a free YouTube Downloader free download. As free downloaders are always changing, we frequently upgrade here for you. And this post is for them who are the users of Windows. You can follow here the list of best YouTube video downloader online.

1. 4K Video Downloader

It is the best YouTube Downloaders free tool to use. It is highly customizable and Ads free. Just copy the URL from the web browser and click on “Pasting URL”. And then select your exact format and quality setting. There’s support too for 3D and 360-degree videos.

2. WinX Video Downloader

WinX Video Downloader is able to download all the videos from the most favoured sites, like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. It has impressive features that will help you to use comfortably. It can download up to 4K videos and is not able to download the videos that are 3D & 360-degree. So, it is highly recommended for you this free WinX Video youtube Downloader.

3. aTube Catcher

It is the most popular Video Downloader, and its name indicates that is only YouTube Downloader. This aTube Catcher helps you to save bandwidth and valuable computing resources from the most popular video sharing sites. This video downloader offers extra service; such as it records on-screen any video without any unwanted surprises. This application is like other similar tools, but also it has countless additional features. You can set different properties- such as its size, aspect ratio, frames per second, video/sound codecs to be utilized amid the transformation. It also helps you to save directly caught video onto a DVD. Also various diverse highlights the program offers a sound recorder, video converter, and choice to capture screenshots of work area movement.

4. Any Video Converter

It is one of the best YouTube video downloaders and converter also. Here is the drawback for you that this free version limits you to download at a time. Here you can see several video formats to choose. And you can find a great basic video editing function-cropping any video you want to download, simple effects as color adjustment and to add overly text to this YouTube Downloader. And its whole process will be quick and easy. So, you can enjoy it.

5. Free YouTube Download

What the Free YouTube Downloader is, you don’t have an idea. That is an extremely basic, centered YouTube Downloader HD. You can download with simple and same technic. You can easily download together many videos at the same time if needed. Also you can also convert to MP3 and if you don’t need to bother with the recording too. However, hereabouts is only a disadvantage, it’s for free – you can only use the YouTube Download to get cuts that are under three minutes in length.


Whenever and wherever you are pleased, you can enjoy your most love videos watched from YouTube with the helping of the downloading managers. Theses YouTube video download managers can save all the videos in various formats, audio and video formats such as MP3, AVI, AAC, and MP4. And all the software are used 100% freely. Now, we hope you got what are the most necessary of all the above APPs for all the version for Android, Windows, and iPhone.


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